What are the advantages of the PPE Portraits over my current ID badge?

Hospital ID badges tend to have a small photo which is often scratched and faded due to usage, and likely cannot withstand regular disinfecting. Our PPE portraits are large (3.5 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 7mm thick or 2.5’’ x 4.25’’ x 7mm depending on the PPE Portraits Canada team in your region) laminated and/or sticker photos that are dedicated to humanizing PPE. They are designed for patients and colleagues to see your face/smile from a distance.

Are there infectious risks of the PPE Portraits?

As with anything brought into the hospital environment, the PPE portraits can be an infection risk. However, this risk should be similar to the risk that current ID badges and lanyards pose. We generally recommend using PPE portrait single-use stickers in COVID/hot zones and reusable laminations in non-COVID/cold zones. Laminations should be sanitized* frequently. As stated by Caroline Gregory (a PPE Portraits Canada executive) in the following article: https://alumni.utoronto.ca/news-and-stories/news-and-articles/alumni-support-ppe-portraits-initiative-brings-smiles-patients “They’ve been shown to be sanitizable and reusable,” says Gregory. “It becomes second nature: you come out of the patient’s room and you clean your hands, your stethoscope and your portrait.” Please abide by your institutions’ infection prevention and control department’s guidelines. For reference, here are:

  1. PPE Portrait Canada’s guidelines (bilingual)
  2. Sunnybrook Hospital’s guidelines (english)
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O0-jrC8Xwad68gmeYFmnSVosa4xfMpag?usp=sharing *(Unpublished) A group out of California showed no visible degradation after disinfecting 4mm matte laminated badges 2 times daily for 7 days with ethanol/isopropanol, chlorine-based products, hydrogen peroxide, quatemary ammonium, or quatemary ammonium and isopropanol. For reference, our portraits are 7mm thick.

Are the PPE Portraits free? // Les portraits sont-ils gratuits?

Yes! We also include a metal clip with your portrait! The costs of the portraits are greatly reduced thanks to our printing partner The Business Box and these costs are covered thanks to our Supporters and generous donations from the community.If you wish to donate, please do so here: https://ppeportraits.raisely.com/donate. Donations from the community helps us expand our project to communities that do not have local or provincial support and gives our team the opportunity to pursue the long-term/Post-COVID goals of PPE Portraits Canada (refer to question #10). // Oui! Nous incluons également un clip en métal avec votre portrait! Les coûts des portraits sont considérablement réduits grâce à notre partenaire d'impression The Business Box et ces coûts sont couverts grâce à nos Supporteurs et aux généreux dons de la communauté. Si vous souhaitez faire un don, veuillez le faire ici : https://ppeportraits.raisely.com/donate. Les dons de la communauté nous aident à étendre notre projet aux communautés qui n'ont pas de soutien local ou provincial et donnent à notre équipe la possibilité de poursuivre les objectifs à long terme/post-COVID de Portraits d’EPI Canada (référez-vous à la question #10).

What type of photo should I submit as a PPE Portrait?

You should submit any photo of yourself that showcases what you wish for others (patients, colleagues, etc) to see. We generally recommend a photo that is:

  • High quality
  • Well-lit
  • Where you are looking directly into the camera
  • Where your face fills the frame
  • An expression expressing warmth/care (Think: “What is the smile you wish your patient could see?”)
If you are unsure about whether your photo fits these criteria, feel free to submit the photo regardless and we will let you know if there are any issues. All photos will have to be edited/cropped in order to fit the sizing parameters of our printer. We will do our best to prioritize your facial features and won’t edit the picture’s appearance in any other way.

If I already have or am willing to take pictures of my staff, do I have to fill out your form for each person or is there a way to request portraits “in bulk”?

You may request the portraits in bulk by sending us an email (info@ppeportraits.ca) with the following attachments and information:

  • Excel sheet with your colleagues’ names.
    • (Optional) It would be greatly appreciated if you could also include their email and title/position (nurse, doctor, etc).
  • Pictures
    • These pictures should be titled with the healthcare professional’s name.
We will not publicize any of this information without the individual’s explicit consent.

How does this work? // Comment ça marche?

For anyone who wishes to receive a portrait, you may simply fill out our simple 2-5 minute anonymous bilingual form where we ask for some demographic information and a picture for the printing of the portrait. Depending on your location, we may follow-up with you regarding delivery logistics and delivery should be within 4 weeks (refer to questions #3 and #6 for additional details). Once your portrait and metal clip is delivered, you will receive an email with specific instructions and/or pictures on where your portrait is and how you can pick it up. From there, you can wear this portrait so that your colleagues and/or patients can see your face behind the PPE.
If you are interested in learning about the logistics from our end, please read: (article coming soon) // Pour toute personne qui souhaite recevoir un portrait, vous pouvez simplement remplir notre simple formulaire anonyme bilingue de 2 à 5 minutes où nous demandons des informations démographiques et une photo pour l'impression du portrait. En fonction de votre emplacement, nous pouvons effectuer un suivi avec vous concernant la logistique de livraison et la livraison devrait être effectuée dans les 4 semaines (consultez les questions 3 et 6 pour plus de détails). Une fois votre portrait et clip en métal sont livrés, vous recevrez un courriel avec des instructions spécifiques et/ou des images sur l'endroit où se trouve votre portrait et comment vous pouvez le récupérer. De là, vous pouvez porter ce portrait afin que vos collègues et/ou patients puissent voir votre visage derrière l'EPI. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la logistique de notre côté, veuillez lire : (article à venir)

When will the portraits be delivered?

The timeline for delivery is generally within 4 weeks of submission of our online form. Out of respect for our student volunteers and printing sponsor’s (The Business Box) time, we usually wait for a critical mass of portraits to be received from the same city and/or location in order to maximize the efficiency of our printing orders and deliveries.
As such, to make this project the most effective for all, please feel free to share this bilingual blurb and photos with your colleagues!

Can I customize my PPE Portrait? (name, title, etc)

We don’t currently customize our portraits as the primary goal of the PPE portraits is to show the smile behind the PPE. We believe that names and/or titles would distract from this mission and would turn our portraits into hospital IDs/badges. This is not meant to replace your current hospital badge, but it is an addition to help humanize your PPE.

What are the long-term/post COVID-19 goals of PPE Portraits Canada?

The PPE Portraits project was inspired by Mary Beth Hefferan’s work during the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic https://ppeportrait.org/. As such, we believe these portraits will always be beneficial wherever and whenever essential, but face obscuring and de-humanizing PPE is used. The PPE Portraits’ Canada teams long-term mission are 3-fold:

  • Standard of care: We aim to make PPE portraits the standard of care in Canadian healthcare and particularly in healthcare units where PPE is often used (infectious disease, surgery, with immunocompromised patients, etc). We hope to change medical education and guidelines.
  • Research: In support of making PPE portraits the standard of care and advancing the novel and growing literature on PPE portraits, we aim to conduct studies on the effectiveness and benefits of these portraits for both the wearer (healthcare professional) and observer(s) (fellow colleagues and patients). We hope to start this research by surveying the healthcare professionals who have requested a portrait through PPE Portraits Canada.
  • Art installations: We wish to remember the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic, its lessons, and honour our healthcare professionals through art installations that will display the PPE portraits project in action.
    • This will likely take the form of a mosaic whereby individual pictures of consented healthcare professionals who submitted a portrait will be displayed as small pixels forming the picture of a healthcare worker with their PPE. This would be similar to the example mosaic by Nathan Wyburns displayed below:

Which cities are the PPE Portraits available in? // Dans quelles villes les portraits d’EPI sont-ils disponibles?

The portraits are available to anyone within Canada that we can mail the portraits. In cities where:

  • We have local PPE Portraits Canada members: they will handle the delivery and may bring the portraits directly to your healthcare centre’s unit (depending on access and local COVID restrictions). Once delivered, we will email you with specific instructions and/or pictures on where your portrait is and how you can pick them up.
  • We don’t have a local team: we will reach out to you to determine delivery logistics that is easiest for everyone involved.
    • We can mail it directly to you or other individual(s) for distribution. In general, we prefer not to mail it directly to larger healthcare centres as the portraits tend to get lost.
// Les portraits sont disponibles à toute personne au Canada que nous pouvons poster. Dans les villes où:
  • Nous avons des membres locaux de PPE Portraits Canada: ils s'occuperont de la livraison et peuvent apporter les portraits directement à l'unité de votre centre de santé (en fonction de l'accès et des restrictions COVID locales). Une fois livré, nous vous enverrons un e-mail avec des instructions spécifiques et/ou des photos sur l'endroit où se trouve votre portrait et comment vous pouvez les récupérer.
  • Nous n'avons pas d'équipe locale: nous vous contacterons pour déterminer la logistique de livraison la plus simple pour toutes les personnes impliquées.
    • Nous pouvons le poster directement à vous ou à d'autres personnes pour distribution. En général, nous préférons ne pas l'envoyer directement aux grands centres de santé car les portraits ont tendance à se perdre.